Articles - April 2021

  • 2018 Canadian Business Outlook

    Posted By: Topher Abt

    In case you missed it, our most recent publication reviewed Canadian M&A activity in 2017, a year that saw an abundance of deals nationwide and exhibited a near 10% uptick in transaction volume relative to 2016. This week, we look ahead to the rest of 2018, drawing on the insights of Pierre Ouimet, Executive Director and Head Investment Strategist at UBS Bank (Canada), to highlight key factors that we see impacting the Canadian business landscape in the coming months.

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  • In Part III of our Blockchain and M&A series, the series finale, we will explore the widespread M&A implications of the “Delaware Blockchain Initiative” and touch upon the newly announced Canadian equivalent. We are, without a doubt, amid a blockchain revolution...

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  • Industry Challenges for Canadian Auto Parts SMEs

    Posted By: Joe Atikian and Valitas Capital Partners

    Canadian Auto Parts SMEs are at a crossroads, facing intense competitive pressure from increasing investment in Mexico, NAFTA uncertainty, and a looming invasion from Chinese car makers. The following article from the Auto Parts Manufacturer's Association (APMA), written by Joe Atikian in collaboration with Valitas, lays out the challenging competitive environment facing Canadian Auto Parts SMEs and discusses the options Canadian business owners must consider in order to remain competitive.

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