Driving Growth in Your New Acquisitions - Part 1: Getting A Bang for Your Buck in Today’s Pricey M&A Market

Posted By: Topher Abt and Karen Fisman

This article is Part 1 of a 2-part series about driving growth in new acquisitions against the backdrop of today’s challenging M&A landscape. With valuations at record highs, it is more critical than ever for buyers to develop realistic growth plans for their target acquisitions. Part 1 of this series considers the steps buyers can take during the due-diligence stage to establish realistic grow objectives. Part 2 will explore a post-acquisition action plan for buyers aiming to meet their growth objectives.

Historically, 70 to 90% of M&A transactions fail to create value. In addition, potential buyers, both strategic and financial, now find themselves having to pay more for targets than ever before, with valuations in the global M&A market reaching record highs. Combining this propensity for deal failure with sky-high valuations, it is more critical than ever for buyers to realize growth in their acquired companies. With this challenge in mind, Valitas recently sat down with Todd Blair, Founder & Managing Partner of GrowthPoint, a Canadian advisory firm specializing in the planning and execution of growth strategies.

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