Know Your Buyers: Part 3

Posted By: Karen Fisman

Know your Buyers is a three-part series by Valitas Capital Partners for business owners. It is designed to help owners consider the types of buyers that are in the market, how those buyers perceive value, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.

In previous instalments of the series, we discussed financial and strategic buyers. This month, we present different business scenarios and how the type of buyer impacts the outcome in each case.

Know your Buyers: Part 3

Christine Spence and Murray Brown own thriving commercial bakeries. 

Both spent decades building their businesses from corner shops to the factories that house their current operations today. 

Both generate healthy revenue and cashflow, at a level that might make their competitors envious. 

Both are still working long, tough hours…maybe longer and tougher than they’d like (particularly in Murray’s case).

And while both have adult kids, the kids have gone in different directions, and have no interest in the commercial bakery business.

Those are their similarities, and here are some critical differences…

Murray is 72 years old.  He’s tired of the long hours, and wants freedom to spend winters in the Florida sunshine, take up golf, and enjoy time with his grandkids. He’s ready to realize the value from what he’s built over the past decades and have someone else take over the business.

Christine just turned 60.  This milestone birthday has triggered some thinking about how she wants to spend the next decade.  Further thinking has been provoked by her long-time business partner, who recently announced that she wants to sell her 30% stake in Christine’s bakery.

What will generate the most successful outcomes for Murray and Christine?

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