Logistics & M&A: Adaptation and Transformation - Part 1: An Overview

Posted By: Gavin Ockrant and Karen Fisman

Whether we realize it or not, the Logistics industry is a key component in our everyday lives. Our grocery stores always have food on the shelves. We rely on full gas pumps to keep our cars running. And when we order novelty products from China, they arrive promptly, right at our doorsteps. Without the Logistics industry, none of this would be possible. On top of this, the emergence of e-commerce and its transformation of the retail market is driving the Logistics industry to adapt to a new life of customized orders with many more end destinations. 

This article serves as the first in our Logistics & M&A series.  Part 1 provides an overview of the sector and historic M&A activity, and subsequent articles will discuss key industry trends. In writing this series, we benefit from the input of Martin Kelly and Keith Hart, industry veterans, who provided insights drawing on their wealth of Logistics experience.

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