Canadian Market Recap: September 30th

  • Posted By: Ryan Kofsky, James Silva, Dawid Misiak, Michael Mazza, and Paris Aden

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Market Update

Two-hundred and twenty-four Canadian M&A transactions closed this past month. Year to date, M&A closed deal count is 3.4% higher than the comparable period in 2017. The Canadian dollar depreciated by 0.70 cents, ending the month at 76 cents. The TSX underperformed the S&P 500 by 1.6% in U.S. dollar terms. WTI Crude oil rose by 5.6%, ending the month at $73.06 per barrel.

Valitas Insights: Using Debt to Fuel Value Creation

It’s uncommon for a business to be opportunity constrained. Often, the issue isn’t having profitable projects to invest in, but choosing which to fund. We call this being capital constrained. Equally as important is choosing how to fund those projects. The cheapest and most expedient option would be to use cash on hand, but this limits the pace of investments possible. When you need to bring in outside capital, should you choose equity or debt? Read our full article here to find out more.

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