Canadian Market Recap: July 31st

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Market Update

Two-hundred and eight Canadian M&A transactions closed this past month. Year to date, M&A closed deal count is 3.0% lower than the comparable period in 2017. The Canadian dollar appreciated by 0.58 cents, ending the month at 76 cents. The TSX underperformed the S&P 500 by 3.4% in U.S. dollar terms. WTI Crude oil fell by 5.5%, ending the month at $68.49 per barrel.
Valitas Insights: The Opaque Lending Market

Conditions in the credit markets are at an all time high for borrowers. Increasing amounts of capital is available for growth, acquisitions, and shareholder liquidity. For companies in the Canadian middle market, information on the type, amount, and terms associated with the capital is nearly impossible to find. Running a competitive financing process and canvassing a full complement of lenders is the best way to your optimizing your liquidity and flexibility from debt, however that can sideline a finance team for 5 months. What is one to do? Read our full article here to find out more.

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