Canadian Mid-Market M&A: Acquirer Origin

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Canadian companies and investment funds remain by far the most active acquirers within the Canadian middle-market, representing approximately 80% of acquisitions by deal count. Due to the volatility of acquisitions by foreign entities, the share is expressed as a 12-month trailing average in the chart above. Not surprisingly, U.S. entities are the most active of foreign acquirers in the Canadian mid-market, owing to its robust M&A market, and our long-standing economic interdependence.

In 1Q 2015, foreign acquirers conducted only nine acquisitions in the Canadian middle market out of the 66 reported. The US$133 million sale of SkyWave Mobile Communications to ORBCOMM was the largest middle-market acquisition by a U.S. company this past quarter. Japanese alternative investment firm Ai Holdings and U.K.-based Antofagasta PLC also acquired Canadian businesses in 1Q 2015.

Generally speaking, as transaction sizes increase, there are a greater proportion of foreign acquirers, particularly in transactions greater than $250 million. The graph below shows the 12-month trailing average for the proportion of foreign acquirers in each size range. Since 2012, 26% of acquisitions in the US$251-500 million range were by foreign acquirers, compared to only 19% of acquisitions in the US$5-50 million range. This under-representation is likely due in part to potential foreign acquirers not being contacted when these Canadian businesses are available for sale. 

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Source: Capital IQ

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