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The most successful transactions are those that bring the “outlier” to the surface, that one acquirer or investor who sees more value in a business than any of the others. It’s often difficult to identify the outlier, it is essential that multiple parties be contacted through a structured sale process to uncover them. To keep bidders honest, the competitive tension between bidders should be palpable.

How do you run a competitive sale process under the radar without information leaks to employees, customers or suppliers? How do you protect yourself against potential competitors using information gained through the due diligence process against you in the marketplace? What strategies come into play when speaking to different potential buyers concurrently and how can you manage the complexity of a confidential sale process? At what stage should personnel within and outside your organization be made aware of the bigger picture? What do you say (and do) if there is a leak? How should the announcement be made when the deal is finalized? What role can you expect your senior management, board, advisors and the rest of your employees to play?

At Valitas, we take client confidentiality very seriously.  From our first conversation with a company, through the transaction process to long after the close, we apply the best practices used by leading global investment banks to protect our clients’ information.  View our confidentiality commitment here.

Business Transitions Forum in Toronto on June 8: Maintaining Confidentiality During a Competitive Sale Process

Valitas Partner, Paris Aden is moderating a panel discussion at the Business Transitions Forum Program in Toronto on June 8th.  The panelists include some of Canada’s leading M&A professionals:

Harry Blum, Managing Partner, Collins Barrow Toronto LLP

Curtis Cusinato, Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

Tim Morton, Managing Partner and Founder, Prompta Consulting Group

This panel will discuss the best practices and protocols that they use to maintain strict transaction confidentiality for their clients during the process.  They will also discuss when and how the deal is best communicated to key stakeholders.  We look forward to seeing you there.

As an event sponsor, Valitas invites you to take advantage of our 20% discount for Day 1, Day 2 or both days of the conference, using code BTFTSPOR1620.  This early bird offer expires on May 6.  Don’t hesitate to contact Paris Aden for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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