Why Valitas

Ours is a Relationship Business, Built on Trust

We believe cultivating trust through openness and transparency is the foundation for any good partnership. We appreciate the unique experience, knowledge and intuition about their company that an owner brings to the table. Combined with the technical transactional experience of the Valitas team, we believe in arriving at the most informed decision. While technical expertise is important, we recognize that our business is ultimately one of relationships and trust.

Here are some of the values that lead our clients to choose Valitas:

Respecting Your Objectives

It’s All About Your Objectives

Above all, we respect and honour the legacy our clients have built. To answer any challenges our client may have with respect to their corporate finance or capital market challenges, we make sure to listen to their concerns, insights and objectives.  We believe in arriving at a collaborative solution to any challenges. Early on in the process, we discuss our clients’ objectives and their expectations surrounding the financial decisions. By putting our clients first, and interacting with them on a continuous basis, we develop a keen understanding of their priorities, allowing us to align ourselves with their goals and advocate most effectively on their behalf.

Best In Class Experience

The Experience is in the Journey, Not the Destination

At Valitas Capital, we believe a great experience leads to an exceptional outcome. As a result, we are highly focused on delivering best in class experience to our clients. We focus not only on the outcome, but on the overall process as well. This approach sets us apart from most other financial institutions. We strive to act as a partner and advisor to our clients by collaborating with them at every step of the way. Here is what sets the Valitas experience apart.

We Understand

What’s Really Important?

Although every transaction is unique, there are some commonalities found among every deal. For instance, understanding the various groups involved and their respective motivations is central to a successful outcome for all parties. When it comes to ownership transitions or restructurings, we have a deep understanding of three important aspects:

  1. We understand the acquirer (buyer). For a buyer, the acquisition of a company is not simply a purchase, but rather an investment. While it may seem logical to focus on the value of a company as the collection of current assets, current customers and past revenue streams, the buyer is more concerned with the future value of the company. Consequently, for investors, considerations of risk are often more significant than cost.

    Our team is uniquely positioned to facilitate discussion with strategic and financial buyers. Through our experience in the private equity space as proprietary acquirers, we understand the concerns of making an acquisition. In order to mitigate any perceived risk with buying an existing business, we provide proven strategies for a seamless and lasting transition.
  2. We understand the vendor. From our experience, many financial advisors lose track of what’s important to an owner who has invested his heart and soul in to a business. At Valitas Capital, a transaction is not about the numbers but about the people involved. We know what is important to business owners because we ourselves are also business owners – all of us are entrepreneurs. Each core team member at Valitas has owned or managed a business at some point in their career, and many of us have experienced the transition process with our own companies. As a result, we appreciate the importance a seller places on the intangibles of a transaction, like legacy and continuity.
  3. We understand deals. Our firm’s Partners have each facilitated upwards of [150] M&A transactions and financings worth in excess of [$100 billion]. Through these experiences, they have developed an affinity for the finer points of transactions, allowing them to close deals successfully and lessen the risk of failure. In particular, our team understands the best ways of maximizing the value an investor sees in your company. We know how to structure a transaction in a way that makes investors compete for your business and your consideration.


Broad industry expertise

Whether you own a food packaging company, a financial technology company, or a specialty manufacturing company, our experts are familiar with your industry. Collectively, our team has advised owners on deals ranging from rare-earth metal mining to publishing. An overview of industries our team has dealt with include:

Consumer Packaged Goods, High-Tech, Retail, Aviation & Aerospace, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Defense, Agriculture, Distribution, Business Services.

Access to acquirers and investors

Who Are Your Potential Buyers?

Diligently canvassing the spectrum of potentially interested strategic acquirers or investors is one of the most important parts of the transaction process. The most successful transactions are those that surface the one acquirer or investor who sees more value in your business than does any other candidate. Failing to access the right investor can have a substantial impact on the ultimate valuation.

The ability to access this investor – or “outlier” – depends on two considerations:

  1. Identifying the outlier: Keen market insight is necessary to scope out and identify the true outlier.
  2. Engaging the outlier: Reputation and technical proficiency are needed to convince the outlier that they should entertain your company as a serious investment opportunity.

At Valitas Capital, our team has been identifying and accessing these outliers on behalf of our clients for over twenty years. [Visit our Resource section for more information about how to identify the outlier.]

Process Expertise

Experience Counts

Many corporate financing deals fail. This is usually a worst-case scenario. Imagine investing the time and energy into organizing an acquisition or restructuring arrangement with a strategic partner, only to have it derailed prior to closing.

When asked, most owners are primarily concerned about the technical aspects of transitions in ownership, such as valuation, tax implications, financing the transaction and legal documentation. But often, it is the less technical or “soft” issues which can derail an otherwise perfect deal:  disagreement between stakeholders, communication breakdown between seller and buyer, or an unanticipated adverse change in the economic landscape.

Because of the unpredictable nature of these potential pitfalls, it is helpful to have an expert who has seen countless transactions, has experienced many challenges, and who can react swiftly to restore equilibrium. Having the foresight to predict and resolve issues before they present themselves is an invaluable skill to have in the due course of a transaction process. This can inevitably make the difference between a successful deal and a failure. Led by professionals who have been encountering and resolving these issues for the past twenty years, Valitas Capital delivers the process expertise necessary for successful execution.

For specifics related to our process, and the expertise we bring, please visit:


Part of process expertise includes responsible handling of client confidentiality. To ensure that sensitive material stays private, Valitas Capital has strict policies and procedures in place to protect your company and its stakeholders. Please take a look through our Confidentiality and Communications Protocols below.

Global Access

The World As Your Oyster

In today’s economy, more and more companies are seeking international sources for their corporate finance needs. Valitas Capital has requisite international expertise and reach to conduct any number of cross- border M&A and financing transactions. We search the globe for investment opportunities and strategic partners who can contribute the most towards the valuation of and investment in our clients’ companies. We maintain dialogue with approximately 1000 professionals at over 440 private equity funds and family offices targeting the Canadian private market. We also maintain close collaboration with many multinational companies across a range of industries. Our ability to access and negotiate with international partners stems from our deep institutional training and knowledge of international business policies.


Active Collaborations

Alliance Partnerships
Valitas Capital strives to offer the best service to our clients by aligning with various strategic partners. [Details contingent on specific partnerships].

Our Values
Due to the upmost importance we place on ethics and clients’ satisfaction, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards when conducting business. Our values system integrates our guiding morals with our insistence on excellent client service:

Trust. There is no trust without respect. We respect others in all of our dealings. We earn our clients’ trust with what is often their life’s work by putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We operate with openness and transparency when interacting with our clients.

Professionalism. Our single greatest asset is our reputation. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We do not aspire to be the biggest, but we always aspire to be the best. We perceive excellence as the results our clients achieve.

Collaboration. We come to better answers in teams than as individuals. Where appropriate, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with best-in-class experts outside of our firm in areas adjacent to our core expertise. We do not compete against each other. Instead, we carefully and objectively weigh the facts, supported by diligent analysis, before recommendations are made.

Confidentiality. We regularly receive confidential information from clients and third parties. To breach a confidence or to use confidential information improperly or carelessly would be unthinkable.

Talent. Our duty to serve our clients depends on our ability to attract and retain the best people in every role. Our firm is committed to do what is required to create the conditions that make this possible.

Innovation. We not only embrace change, we actively seek opportunities for our clients in the face of change. We relentlessly innovate and evolve in the way we think and operate. We recognize the value of new ideas and creativity in solving client problems. Our employees are expected to contribute ideas and exercise creativity in their role.

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