Resources & Insights

Our team has accumulated a great deal of specialized M&A and capital markets knowledge over the last 20 years. We have chosen to engage with business owners who are inquisitive about these topics by making much of our knowledge easily accessible.

We have developed many useful resources for business owners and intend to continually expand this knowledge base. We encourage you to look through our resources to answer any questions you have assessing the saleability of your business, how much your business is worth, when is the best time to sell, who is most likely to buy your business, how to manage the process, financing options for your business, general corporate finance topics, and updates on market conditions.

Our blog has updates about M&A and corporate finance topics, as well as insights on current market conditions. Our interactive Assessment Tools can help you determine how compelling your business is as a sale candidate and what can be done to improve. Our Publications and White Papers contain far-reaching insights specific to ownership transition.

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