Canadian Market Recap: August 2017

  • Posted By: Karen Fisman, Michael Mazza, Gavin Ockrant, Clear Li, Chris Angelatos, and Paris Aden

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Market Update

One hundred and seventy-six Canadian M&A transactions closed in August. Year to date, M&A closed deal count is 3.1% higher than the comparable period in 2016. The Canadian dollar appreciated relative to the U.S. dollar by 3.52 cents, ending the month at 82 cents. WTI Crude oil prices fell by 3.2% in August, ending the month at $48.56 per barrel.


Valitas Insights: How to Prepare Your Supply Chain For a Different NAFTA

As NAFTA negotiations proceed in Washington D.C., Canadians across the country are paying close attention to how an overhaul of the trade agreement could impact their businesses.

One key issue that needs addressing is that of supply chains. Many industries, like automotive, have structured their supply chains to take full benefit of free trade with Mexico and the U.S., thus creating complex, integrated supply networks.  With input from Flavio Volpe, President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, we consider how a different NAFTA could impact supply chains, and what companies can do to address their supply chain vulnerabilities.

To learn more, read our full article.

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