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Solvera Solutions

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“When we decided to seek expert advice on our C4 strategy, we had ambitious plans. Valitas provided us with data driven tools to clarify our key strategic decisions.”

Reg Robinson


  • Solvera Solutions (“Solvera”) is a leading Canadian provider of IT-enabled business solutions, delivering innovation and value to every client.
  • They have achieved high growth through a diverse portfolio of strategic solutions and managed services.


Valitas collaborated with Solvera’s leadership team to map a plan to transform the partnership:


  • Valitas was selected from a competitive field that included one of the “Big Four” accounting firms to provide a Strategy Report with a value creation roadmap balancing:
    - Organic growth
    - Acquisitions
    - Partner retirements
  • This included a financing strategy to address both growth and liquidity requirements.
  • This analysis shone a light on which activities had the greatest impact on business value and provided greater clarity to Solvera’s strategic intent:
    - These insights clarified sequencing of multiple competing priorities.
  • The central component of the strategic analysis was our quantification of various scenario impacts on owner value creation, financing capacity, and other key performance metrics though a 60 month forecast model:
    - Multiple complex scenarios were assessed to determine expected future impacts.
  • This Strategy Report built a foundation of readiness and agility that facilitated rapid deployment of their acquisition program, multiple financings, and dramatic scaling of Solvera’s sales force to drive organic growth.

Solvera’s Strategy Report provided a clear roadmap for its dramatic transformation.


After the Strategy Report was delivered, Solvera followed the natural progression and retained Valitas to provide ongoing corporate development support to execute certain key aspects of their strategy. See Corporate Development Case Study.

“Valitas provided insights and strategic context that allowed us to capitalize on our value creation opportunities, with dramatic results.”

Jim Ostertag