Discover Your Value Potential

How much is your business worth today and what actions are you committed to take to at least triple its value over the next five years?

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The Challenge

Can you answer these questions about your business?

  • How much is my business worth today?
  • How am I going to triple the value of my business over the next five years?
  • What are my top three opportunities to increase the value of my business?
  • Do I have the financing required to execute this plan? Is my current borrowing facility the best available in the credit market today? If I raise equity, how much ownership dilution can I expect along the way? How will that impact my control of the business?
  • Do I have the team of best-in-class professional advisors required to take us to the next level?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, you are missing an opportunity to chart out a course to a significantly higher business value than you have today. Having spoken with over 500 CEOs and business owners, fewer than 10% can answer these questions.

Why Failure is Common

A budget is not a strategy. Most founder-owned private companies and some institutionally owned companies lack even the most rudimentary financial forecast models and have no idea of their current value or how much value they expect to create over the coming years. Most founders focus on growing revenue, watching margins, and minimizing debt. The result? A lack of awareness of which strategies impact value, lack of conviction on the value creation path, and ineffective communication of the plan to the leadership team, lenders, and shareholders.

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Client Success Story

Solvera Solutions, a regional IT Service firm, selected Valitas amongst a list of competitors including regional and global firms to collaborate in the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. This plan would provide a roadmap for value creation that balances organic growth, acquisitions, planned partner retirements and the financing required to support these initiatives. Over three months, Valitas applied dozens of frameworks, analyses, and tools. This included the development of a comprehensive 60-month forecast model with multiple scenarios for acquisitions, organic growth, partner retirements and financing. This model laid a foundation for prioritizing various initiatives and understanding each initiative's impact on future valuation and available financing.

Two years later, this foundational analysis maintains Solvera's strategic readiness. This continuous readiness has facilitated multiple financings, acquisition discussions, succession planning and dramatic value creation.

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Our Capabilities

The Valitas team has completed dozens of strategic review assignments for clients, including some of the largest companies in Canada (as investment bankers) and portfolio companies (as private equity investors) in a wide range of industries. We apply more than 55 frameworks, analyses, and tools for our clients, drawing from this world-class experience and additional proprietary tools that we developed. The Blueprint and Engineer phase of our Enterprise Value Architect solution combine these proven elements in a manner unique to each client's situation. We present specific, actionable plans that typically triple business value in less than five years.