Our Clients are Confident That Valitas Will Unlock Their Best Outcome

Our clients trust Valitas to navigate their most complex, mission-critical projects because of the experience and rigour that we deliver.


Value Creation and Exit Timing Expertise

A slight course correction can significantly alter the ultimate valuation of a business. We are experts in unleashing value in businesses through a clear understanding of each client’s unique attributes. We typically expect to triple each client's shareholder value in five years or less. Here is a client success story that demonstrates how positioning a company for a premium exit has a far larger impact on value than simply optimizing the divestiture process.


Big League Experience and Systems

We’ve adopted best practices from leading global investment banks and further honed these practices to meet our clients’ unique circumstances. Having acted as principals of sophisticated private equity funds, we understand the many intricacies of the process, and the importance of due diligence that anticipates post-closing challenges and opportunities.



As business owners ourselves, we empathize with our clients’ perspective. We combine boutique agility with the market access of a global firm to provide creative, high-impact solutions that fit each client’s unique objectives and circumstances.

Ask Our Clients

Positive client outcomes are the ultimate measure of success. Valitas’ ethos is to deliver exceptional client outcomes, working relentlessly until we have unleashed each client's full value. We only succeed when our clients do.

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Our Approach

  • As business owners ourselves, we empathize with each client’s perspective so we can innovate customized solutions for their mission-critical projects. We combine boutique agility with the market access of a global firm to provide creative, high-impact solutions that fit each client’s unique objectives and circumstances.
  • We focus our attention on a select few clients, acting as their trusted advisor, often over years. We always tell our clients the truth as we see it, regardless of the impact on our fees.
  • We are not concerned about being the largest or doing the most transactions. Rather we are relentless in executing the best transactions for our clients at the right time for them. Imagine a five-star premium boutique hotel experience versus a Motel 6 experience.
  • We structure our fees so that we do well only when our clients do well. We target a minimum of 500% ROI on our fees when we structure our client engagements. The success of each member of our team is inexorably linked to the success of our clients.

Proprietary Global Market Intelligence and Privileged Access

Valitas unlocks global access to capital markets and potential partners for our clients. We combine multiple third-party and proprietary databases with customized software, systems, and a dedicated research team to readily access insights into market trends, valuations, and the universe of potential partners for our clients. These insights include the strategies, investment criteria, and preferred structures of potential buyers, investors, and lenders, informing our advice. Furthermore, our privileged access to more than 7,500 decision makers in these groups enables us to engage with that unique outlier who is the ideal match for each client.

These systems and technology have enabled us to continually accumulate deeper and broader market insights and access for our clients.

Our Client Service Principles

We consider it a privilege to earn the trust of our clients, helping them in the most complex and high-stakes transactions of their lives. We are obsessed with exceeding each client’s expectations. Seven Client Service Principles govern our actions.



We respect our clients and recognize the legacy they have built, often over generations, by carefully listening to them, understanding, and clarifying their wishes and addressing their unique business succession and corporate finance challenges.



We conduct ourselves with courage and integrity in everything we do. Both as a firm and as professionals, our single greatest asset is our reputation. We respect others in all our dealings. We tell the truth as we see it, regardless of the popularity of our views or the impact on our fees.



We take great pride in our problem-solving creativity and the professional quality of our work. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Everyone in our firm contributes ideas and exercises creativity in their role.



We set the industry standard for protecting client confidentiality. We regularly receive sensitive information from clients and third parties. We maintain impeccable safeguarding of confidential information.



We collaborate to deliver the best results for our clients. We are better in teams than as individuals. Where appropriate, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with best-in-class experts outside of our firm in areas adjacent to our core expertise.



We attract, develop, and retain the best talent. The firm’s prosperity and very survival depend on our ability to attract and retain the best people in every role. The firm is committed to doing what is required to create the conditions that make this possible.


Clients First

Ours is a relationship business, built on trust. We can only attain excellence by facilitating excellent outcomes for our clients.

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Jim Ostertag

Promoter score

Valitas provided insights and strategic context that allowed us to capitalize on our value creation opportunities, with dramatic results.

Joseph Arango

Chief Commercial Officer
Promoter score

The Valitas team was professional and transparent throughout the entire process. It was comforting to know that at different points along the way their guidance provided the clarity we needed to consummate our deal with Richards Packaging.

Marc Corbett

Promoter score

I’ve heard horror stories about being acquired and I was anxious about how this process would impact the employees. Valitas was transparent throughout — I always knew where we were in the process and what to expect next.

JoAnne Neely

Director of Finance
Promoter score

Valitas unlocked the capital that has been crucial to our business. They have arranged four financings, each progressively more complex. Their financial modeling, combined with their credit market insights and access, helped us negotiate flexible financings with our lenders.

Mohsen Mortada

Promoter score

The financing options Valitas brought to us exceeded the top end of our expected range by $6.5 million and our incumbent lender’s facility by 50% at a lower cost while providing greater flexibility.

Mark Dunger

Vice President
Promoter score

ESCO has completed about 40 acquisitions over the past 10 years. The team at Valitas approached exigent issues with a high level of professional judgement, integrity, and deal-making creativity, which made dealing with the challenges that surfaced relatively painless.

Reg Robinson

Promoter score

When we decided to seek expert advice on our strategy, we had ambitious plans. Valitas provided us with data-driven tools to clarify our key strategic decisions.

Samson Ling

Promoter score

Several times we faced serious roadblocks in our process but the Valitas team was superb in leading us through them. They were thoughtful, rational, and were laser-focused on getting the deal over the finish line.

Roger Gilodo

Promoter score

In the end, the price we received for Manta was at the top end of the value range Valitas provided to us prior to launching the sale process.

Team Experience

There are two things any advisory firm must master to excel. The first is to gain the trust and respect of its clients and advise them well. The second is to attract, develop and retain the best team. Valitas was built on these cornerstones.

To meet the challenge of executing complex, mission-critical projects for our clients, our team combines transaction experience that is unmatched in the Canadian middle market with carefully selected aspiring professionals from leading business schools and professional service firms from across North America.

Meet Our Team

Career Transaction Experience

Sophisticated clients know the experience of their deal team matters more than the number of deals their firm has done. At larger firms, the team that worked on the transactions listed in their credentials is often not the team working with that client. Our clients work with the people who were directly involved in the transactions outlined here.

Over the past 25 years, our team has collectively completed almost 200 financing and M&A transactions worth more than $180 billion, having advised on complex public market M&A transactions at leading global investment banks. We also bring rich insights from our extensive experience with private market transactions valued at less than $100 million.

Transaction Experience