Enterprise Value Architect: The Complete Solution

Our Enterprise Value Architect solution is available to select clients that demonstrate dramatic value creation potential. This integrates ongoing financing and acquisition support into a more comprehensive value creation process that is continually recalibrating with changing circumstances while laying the foundation for each successive strategic move.

The Challenge

How do you bring together the additional resources and expertise required to triple the value of your business in less than five years? Specifically:

  • Ensuring there is always adequate funding as you evolve?
  • Executing an acquisition program?
  • Keeping your financial model current to support decision-making and strategic readiness?
  • Ensuring value creation plans are on track?
  • Recalibrating regularly as market conditions change?

Most large public companies have built corporate development, or strategy groups, into their organizations to lead these important functions. Companies with private equity sponsors pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual fees to these sponsors to provide this type of support. As a lean private company, can you afford the $250,000 annual salary for a competent corporate development executive? Do you have the resources and tools to support that person?

Why Failure is Common

Filling the corporate development function internally is daunting for mid-sized companies. The salaries and systems investments are often prohibitive. Multibillion-dollar companies can attract elite professionals to their corporate development teams — the remainder cannot. The result is an untenable gamble that will likely result in limited access to extended industry and capital markets networks and a lack of capital markets acumen.

Like a head of state relies on his cabinet of experts to inform their high-stakes decisions, high-performing businesses also need a team of best-in-class professional advisors. We typically see several gaps in our clients’ professional advisory teams. It includes not having advisors in certain key areas and not upgrading the panel of advisors to meet the companies’ evolving needs.

Client Success Story

After Valitas delivered a strategic plan and supporting tools to Solvera, we were asked to provide comprehensive direct support to the partnership to execute various aspects of this plan. Valitas leveraged the foundational tools by maintaining and continually recalibrating the 60-month financial model and other tools to maintain Solvera’s strategic readiness. Valitas executed a nationwide acquisition program for Solvera. Valitas researched more than 500 acquisition targets, approached 37 of them, and facilitated strategic dialogue with the owners of 54% of these companies. Valitas also provided strategic and financing support to the partnership, including arranging an undrawn acquisition financing facility to secure “dry powder” to fund the acquisitions and arranging separate credit facilities to fund Solvera’s impressive organic growth.

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Our Capabilities

The Enterprise Value Architect solution we provide to our most ambitious, high-potential clients integrates all our strategic, M&A, and financing capabilities into a comprehensive package. These clients harness capability that is typically available to companies 100 times their size. Particularly, their costs vary with our level of activity and they are supported by a deep, integrated team of respected professionals with purpose-built project management, quality control, and other systems. We further augment these capabilities by providing access to our global network of best-in-class professional advisors to support their evolving needs.