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Vensure Employer Services

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Vensure, the most active acquirer of PEO businesses in the U.S., chose Valitas to execute its acquisition program in Canada. Our mandate is expected to expand to other English-speaking countries.


Based in Arizona, Vensure is the largest private Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the U.S. and the most active acquirer in the industry. 

  • Due to differences in employment laws in Canada, Vensure sought to enter the Canadian market through acquisitions and partnerships 
  • The SVP of M&A at Vensure was personally reaching out to acquisition targets in addition to managing multiple due diligence processes, and the workload was overwhelming


  • Reviewed over 1,000 Canadian companies in the HR services, bookkeeping, and payroll space
  • Valitas has approached 45 targets approved by Vensure to date and engaged in acquisition dialogue with 14 of them
  • Valitas outlined the acquisition process to targets, gathered confidential information, and compiled acquisition summaries to facilitate due diligence and execution by Vensure’s M&A team


  • Valitas continues to work with Vensure on their Canadian growth strategy by consistently generating proprietary opportunities.
  • The scope of Valitas’ mandates is now expanding to new international markets like UK and Ireland.

Valitas established contact with 75% of suitable targets and 31% engaged in acquisition dialogue. This highly effective target canvassing capability accelerated Vensure’s process while freeing up their internal corporate development capacity for due diligence and integration.